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So, this past week I had the weirdest experience.  Every time that I ate or drank something, I had a bitter taste in the back of my mouth.  At first I dismissed the problem as a one-off but as the bitterness persisted over several days, it was clear that something wasn’t right and I began to get a little worried…

After finishing work last Saturday, I got home and decided to do a little internet research before my concern turned into full-blown paranoia.  I Googled the following search terms “symptom” and “bitter taste in the back of mouth.”  The first hit I had did not prove to be terribly enlightening (I suspected that I was not experiencing liver failure).  However, my second hit was a question forum started by someone who described themselves as experiencing exactly the same bitterness problem and asking if anyone knew what could be the cause.  The first two people who responded did not have much to contribute but the third respondent simply stated that pine nuts might be the source of the problem.  Sure enough, the fellow who originally posted the question responded to say that he had indeed had pine nuts in the past week.  And, I had had pine nuts in the past week as well.  Question answered! (more…)

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