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Three Vintages from Gigondas

Our three-pack of fantastic vintages from Domaine la Bouïssière Gigondas, France

Brothers Gilles and Thierry Faravel make wine in some of the most weirdly beautiful geography in all of France: in Gigondas, one of the crû villages of the southern Rhone Valley and in the very shadow of the rocky outcropping known as the Dentelles of Montmirail. The 30-50 year-old vines at Domaine la Bouïssière yield small amounts of concentrated juice upon which the brothers exercise a self-consciously light touch. Fermentation proceeds via native, resident yeasts and the wine is typically neither filtered nor fined. Use of sulfur is minimal.

We already had the la Bouïssière 2012 on our shelves, but when the opportunity came our way for a consignment of two other recent vintages we jumped at it – admittedly with a view to getting some into our own cellars, but mainly to be able to offer a three-vintage vertical of these splendidly flavorful and textured wines to you.

This is Gigondas as it was meant to be, with brooding black fruit, heaps of loamy earth, and a satisfyingly chewy texture. We found the 2010 the most classic, the 2011 the richest, and the 2012 something of a composite of its predecessors. The pleasure derived from experiencing this three-vintage sampler comes in part from recognizing the powerful consistency of character that can underlie the vintage variation at an elite property. There’s plenty to learn, but its education that comes in the most enjoyable way possible. These are delicious, rewarding wines.

Your Domaine la Bouïssière three-vintage vertical comes in an easy-to-handle cardboard three pack and includes a profile of the property and family with color photographs. Makes a splendid holiday gift for the wine aficionado on your list.

The 2010, 2011 and 2012 Domaine la Bouïssière Gigondas are available at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge, or for pick-up at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge with one day’s notice.


Stephen Meuse is a Wine Buyer at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge.

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Olof Viktors products

Products from Swedish bakery Olof Viktors: knäckebröd, pepparkakor and jam

For most people, the word “smörgåsbord” might evoke images of Vikings, or maybe the antics of The Muppets’ Swedish Chef, but for me it immediately brings up memories of my childhood, and an annual, extra-special weekend with my grandparents in the lead up to Christmas.


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Wine buyers, Julie and Gemma, share their picks for your holiday celebrations.

A selection of wines for the holiday season - Galea Derain LallementAs we enter this season of sharing food with family and friends, we compile a list of our favorite wines to serve at parties and gatherings. Our top picks this year embody the qualities we showcase in our stores. Made in family-run wineries on small farms, using sustainably-grown grapes and natural fermentation, these wines are clear expressions of the terroir of the farms and the care of the producers. On their own, these lovely wines invite you to delve into their complex aromas and flavors. Paired with carefully selected cheeses, they demonstrate their full, orchestral potential. (more…)

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