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Formaggio Kitchen BBQDuring BBQ season here at the shop (March-October), when I work in the bakery on Saturdays, I get the benefit of Eric’s company for a brief while in the morning as he puts the finishing touches on his BBQ.  Saturdays find him baking off cornbread, roasting the chickens and finishing off ribs.  As I go through the process of making cinnamon bread, I observe the different stages he goes through – the testing of the golden cornbread studded with colorful peppers, the brushing of the chickens with his BBQ sauce and the final glazing of the ribs with that same sauce.

Formaggio Kitchen BBQ: the preparation

Formaggio Kitchen BBQ: the preparation

The half chickens begin their journey on Friday when they are split and marinated in a special rub.  On Saturday morning, Eric roasts them for about 45 minutes, bastes them in their own juice and, as he says, “gives them a sauce bath.”  Once they are out on the sidewalk, customers have the option of another “sauce bath” before their chicken goes on the grill for the grand finale.  As Eric points out, the basting process helps to crisp the skin while the layering of the BBQ sauce allows for a delicious development of flavor. (more…)

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