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Blue Cheese and Asparagus Rolls

Blue Cheese and Asparagus Rolls - Crispy asparagus spears rolled in buttery brioche and blue cheese, then baked until golden brown.

As one might easily suspect, cooking at a gourmet retail shop like Formaggio Kitchen is unlike cooking in any other professional kitchen. If you’ve ever been in to visit our cheese caves, you would have walked through our cooking space – blink and you’ll miss it (or fall down the stairs!). A number of amazing things come out of such a small space: Chef Eduardo’s nightly meals are delicious and comforting, Eric’s award-winning BBQ attracts crowds that fill the sidewalk, Julie’s carefully crafted charcuterie is in a league of its own and our sandwiches – weekly paninis, Sunday mini sandwiches and Saturday Reubens – rival those from the best delis around. And, as the Catering Manager, I get to be right in the middle of it all! (more…)

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