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A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Bob Cratchit

One evening in December, I found myself under the weather but with an unbreakable date. I had promised to take a fellow cheesemonger on his first visit to Drink. For anyone who hasn’t been, Drink is an elegant bar in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston with highly skilled bartenders and no drink list. One orders by indicating an ingredient or ingredients they’re in the mood for – for me, that often means something like Bourbon or grapefruit juice. Then, the bartenders make cocktail suggestions based on these clues.

All I could muster up this particularly cold evening was,”I have a sore throat.” A few minutes later, head bartender, John Gertsen emerged from the back with a steaming pot of negus. A warm, sweet and comforting blend of port, hot water, sugar and lemon, negus was a popular drink in Victorian times, and is mentioned in more than one of Charles Dickens’ novels. In Dombey and Son, Mr. Feeder, “after imbibing several custard cups of negus, began to enjoy himself.” Just as I did after imbibing my several wineglasses full of negus at Drink (I also slept like a baby that night)! (more…)

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Cheesemonger IlhanI’ve been a cheesemonger for a long time and a cheese enthusiast for even longer. Through all that, I have to say that one of the most distinctive memories I have from my cheese life is the first time I tried Montgomery’s Farmhouse Cheddar.

Most people don’t think of cheddar as a fancy cheese, mainly because we have all heard of it and eaten it since we were little kids. Besides Kraft singles it’s probably the main cheese most of us grew up on. When I started getting into fancy cheese as a late teenager, I kind of expected that process to be a sort of branching out from cheddar, just eating lots of moldy, runny, stinky things; that is, until I tried Montgomery’s cloth-bound for the first time. (more…)

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