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Ricotta, Arugula + Orange Salad

Recently, I shared a recipe for Toasted Orzo Mac & Cheese, cobbled together after inspiration struck in the form of a couple of visits to B&G Oysters, a restaurant in Boston’s South End. For that side dish, the B&G team used Parmigiano Reggiano. At the opposite end of the cheese aging scale, however, they offered another delicious dish on their menu: arugula salad paired with citrus and their house-made ricotta – a fresh, young, milky cheese. (more…)

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Bergamot oranges

A couple of Sundays ago, a fellow Formaggio Kitchen colleague introduced me to Bergamot oranges.  Our produce department recently received a batch and I had never seen one before!

Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor (the essence is extracted from the skin of the orange).  When I sampled one, I was given a small slice to try because it turns out they are more like lemons in terms of their sourness than they are like conventional oranges. (more…)

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