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Wine buyers, Julie and Gemma, share their picks for your holiday celebrations.

A selection of wines for the holiday season - Galea Derain LallementAs we enter this season of sharing food with family and friends, we compile a list of our favorite wines to serve at parties and gatherings. Our top picks this year embody the qualities we showcase in our stores. Made in family-run wineries on small farms, using sustainably-grown grapes and natural fermentation, these wines are clear expressions of the terroir of the farms and the care of the producers. On their own, these lovely wines invite you to delve into their complex aromas and flavors. Paired with carefully selected cheeses, they demonstrate their full, orchestral potential. (more…)

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“Questo è un grande vino,” said Ferdinando Zanusso, referring to his ’99 Galea Bianco.

’99 Galea Bianco Magnum

The Zanussos produce wines under the name I Clivi in Friuli, Italy, and this past September, I stayed with them to help with the grape harvest. The night before I left, Ferdi led me through a vertical tasting of 10 vintages of I Clivi wines. (more…)

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